Conspirateurs, 2020
Cassette tape and four marbles
Edition of 50

Alongside the exhibition Conspirateurs, the artist launched a limited edition object by the same name. Inspired by beloved San Francisco-based basement dealer Steven Leiber's practice of using mail art to disseminate information about artists and exhibitions, Ore-Giron produced a special ephemera to be sent to people through the United States Postal Service (currently under threat from the Trump Administration). Ore-Giron conceived of this edition to offer audiences, especially those who are unable to see the show in person, the opportunity to experience the paintings through alternative sensory dimensions. The result is a cassette tape deck accompanied by four marbles, each representing a work in the exhibition. The tape features audio tracks on Side A describing the paintings and, on Side B, a compilation of music by the artist and his collaborators.

The audio files and Spanish/English translations for each description can be found below, along with the music on Side B.

Side A

  1. Infinite Regress CXVI
    by Ceci Ore-Melendez
  2. Infinite Regress CXVII
    by Octavio Ore-Giron
  3. Infinite Regress CXVIII
    by Rita Gonzalez
  4. Infinite Regress CXIX
    by rafa esparza

Side B

  1. Improvisations in Four Movements
    By Joshua Aster, Chris Avitabile, and Eamon Ore-Giron
    Recorded live at CM Studios, 2012.