Infinite Regress CXVI, 2020
Flashe on linen
69 x 54 inches
175 x 137 cm

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By Cecilia Ore Melendez
English translation by Sisa P. Tixicuro Duque

Eamon Ore-Giron
Infinite Regress CXVI, 2020
flashe sobre lino
69 x 54 pulgadas
175.3 x 137.2 centímetros

In the lower half of the painting there are equidistant and moving blue circles. On top of them is a closed golden polygon with curved lines that do not fit over the circles. At a central point above the polygon there are three overlapping circles. In the center of each one of them we see a figure with lines conveying depth and volume. Complimentary blue and gold triangles arise from the base of the first circle, spanning the canvas from end to end. Where the first and second circles meet, solid parallel light blue and green lines extend to the edge of the canvas. Stretching from left to right, two golden triangles originate from this same point until they reach the middle of the second circle. From this point, parallel horizontal blue and light blue lines reach the base of the third circle from where we observe, from left to right, two golden triangles that surround the lower half of the circle. From this point, parallel green and light blue horizontal lines appear. In the upper right corner, among the blue, light blue, and green parallel lines faint half circles are visible. It evokes the sensation of time passing in motion, of the past, of changes and of the present moving in perfect motion. It makes me feel connected to the natural elements, the water and the fertile land, the sky, and the earth. It inspires me toward a beautiful future full of light.