Lauren Quin: Sagittal Fours at Pond Society, Shanghai
September 24, 2022 12:00 AM-October 31, 2022 12:00 AM

Pond Society is pleased to present a solo exhibition, Sagittal Fours, featuring the recent work of artist Lauren Quin.

"It is easy to forget the constant motion of our bodies at rest: they seem still except for movement of the mouth and other terminals. This illusion is only revealed when the spirals are cut, when the incomprehensible soft machinery is laid down. Then we see the language of our bodies spoken nakedly, which is to say, the language of our being.

Lauren Quin's idioms are organized with the dense poise of an ecosystem, attracting the eye with a delicate overwhelm. Many signals are multiplied until they lie down in parallel, creating one large signal, like a thousand whispers blending into an echo. Paper thin carvings of hands, eyes, bats, spiders, tunnels, mouths, and breasts protrude from a quivering pattern of volumetric tubes. These marks are simultaneous and imperative. They are embedded, inflated, overlapped and carved away again, until each element is both integral and indivisible.

The paintings are inspired by a fixation that lingers until it manifests as a shape, which is shortly buried in the busy outgrowths of her style. The final entanglement is reminiscent of visceral complexities; fern-like structures of the optic nerve and electrical impulses traveling down our tiny branches."

— Sasha Chapin