Migration of the Soul, 2020
Oil, acrylic, and crayon on linen
96 x 72 inches

Zio Ziegler (b. 1988) makes transcendent painting and sculpture that expand contemporary archetypes. The artist lives and works in San Francisco.

From the Artist:

"This painting tackles a few themes: Our changing home (Immediately- California) due to dramatic climate pressures, emerging notions of an afterlife/ Migration of the soul, and a personal heroes journey- yet the goal is that these themes sit together symbiotically, woven into a meta narrative that addresses a world transformed on two ends by both climate and technology. By using self as metaphor, and painting as mandala of meaning, I can leverage my own experiences to frame a universal response to these new pressures. The painting’s composition is built like a linear narrative structure; The portrait is act one, or a call to action."