LJ 15.456°N, 90.773°W, 2023
Gouache on canvas in artist’s frame
15 x 11.5 inches (framed)
38.1 x 29.2 centimeters (framed)

Working under the rubric of painting, Haley Mellin (b. 1983, Bay Area, CA; lives and works between Los Angeles, CA and Union City, NJ) makes art that addresses the shifting contexts of painting in light of constant technological innovation. Her work stems from the idea that painting is a human technology on the same spectrum as computing. “It supports certain complex experiences that you can’t duplicate with other materials,” the New York–based artist has said.

Mellin founded the Art into Acres non-profit in 2017 to support permanent land conservation on behalf of artists. As a part of her collaborative climate and ecological activism, Mellin co-founded Conserve in New York (2017); the MOCA Environmental Council in Los Angeles (2020); Art and Climate Action in San Francisco (2020); and Artists Commit in New York (2020).