FOG 2023
February 08, 2023–February 12, 2023

The artists presented in our booth at FOG 2023 speak to the varied, complex, and rich histories of the Bay Area, as well as the tactile and visual interiorities of domestic and immigrant life.

Inspired by the folk art traditions of her Pennsylvania Dutch heritage, Anne Buckwalter's work arranges disparate objects in mysterious domestic interiors and ambiguous spaces. By imagining obscure narratives that embrace paradoxes, her paintings delve into questions about the body, femininity, sexuality, and intimacy. Woomin Kim is a Korean artist currently based in Queens, NY. Through her textile and sculptural projects, she examines the pre-existing narratives of urban landscapes and immigrant life, offering her own version that feels more personal and accurate. A Vancouver-based photographer, Gloria Wong draws from the colonial histories of Hong Kong, Macau, and Vancouver to explore the complexities and nuances of these diasporic identities.

Livien Yin's recent bodies of work have drawn from archival images to depict early Chinese immigrants during the Chinese Exclusion era, rendering new visual memories of American history. Based in Oakland, painter Grace Rosario Perkins is interested in disassembling her personal narrative and reassembling it as one that layers words, objects, faces, and signifiers built from cultural dissonance, language, punk ethos, and history. Working across ceramics, sculpture, and painting, Also based in Oakland, Adrian L. Burrell uses photography, film, and site-specific installation to notions of kinship, diasporic narratives, and the gaps between place and belonging. Cathy Lu explores traditional Chinese art imagery and presentation as a way to explore ideas of authenticity in relation to culture and contemporary identity. Leo Valledor (1936-1989) was a Filipino American artist born in San Francisco’s Fillmore district who is best known for his shaped canvases and dynamic experiments in color and space. He is recognized as one of the pioneers of hard-edge movement in painting.