EXPO Chicago 2023
April 13, 2023–April 16, 2023

For the gallery's inaugural presentation at EXPO Chicago, Micki Meng (Booth 255) presents new work by Maggie Ellis, Lauren Quin, Danielle Roberts, Pauline Shaw, Shanna Waddell, and Livien Yin.

These artists bring together idiosyncratic depictions of speculative futures, exaggerated affect, and diverse lived realities. They oscillate along registers of alienation, from the mannered figures of Maggie Ellis' hyper-manic dancefloor to the moody, ennui-soaked hues that characterize Danielle Roberts' environments. Here, color is a chameleon: the seafoam that conjures a touch of unease in an immersive, churning field by Lauren Quin illuminates a scene of intimacy and quiet joy in the hands of Livien Yin.