Gabriel Sierra

Through simple yet meaningful interventions with every day objects, Gabriel Sierra presents viewers with an anthropological study of the language of architecture. His work evidences a keen interest in the social codes that govern our interaction with built environments, with a particular focus on how these norms can be changed or subverted through the manipulation of architectural dynamics. By transforming these behavioral codes, his paintings, sculptures, and installations address issues related to the perception of daily life. He is also attentive to the subconscious influence that context and logic have upon our relation to space. For Sierra, there is a fine line between function, utility, and subjective thought, just as there is between design, architecture, and art. By manipulating the form and function of certain objects, he alters habitual expectations and associations. It is in this destabilizing potential that Sierra’s work achieves its most potent effects, both within the space and the mind of the viewer.

Gabriel Sierra received a degree in Industrial Design from the Universidad de Bogotá Jorge Tadeo Lozano in 1999. He has been an artist in residence at the KADIST in San Francisco (2012), Gasworks in London (2009), and CAC Brétigny in France (2006).

His most important solo exhibitions include: The First Impressions of the Year 2018 (During the early days of the year 2017), Association of Visual Artists Vienna Secession, Austria (2017); NOTICE: the title of the exhibition will change every hour. 10:00am: Monday Impressions. 11:00am: How the Outside Leaks into the Room. 12:00pm: Smells Like 100 Years Old. 1:00pm: The Room Is in My Eye. The Space under My Body. 2:00pm: In the Meantime, (This Place Will Be Empty after 5:00 pm). 3:00pm: An Actual Location for This Moment. 4:00pm: Few Will Leave Their Place to Come Here for Some Minutes. 5:00pm: Did You Know Who Built Your House? The Renaissance Society at the University of Chicago, United States (2015); Numbers in a Room, SculptureCenter, New York (2015); Gabriel Sierra. Before Present, Kunsthalle Zürich, Switzerland (2015); Thus Far, Peep-Hole c/o Fonderia Battaglia, Milan (2013); ( ), KADIST, San Francisco, United States (2012); Gabriel Sierra, Centro Cultural do Banco do Brasil (CCBB), São Paulo, Brazil (2012); Compuesto Verde, CAC Brétigny, France (2006); Día de frutas y nubes negras (Stepmothernature_series), El Bodegón (arte contemporáneo - vida social), Bogota, Colombia (2006); Amorfo-sin título, Espacio La Rebeca, Bogota, Colombia (2004); NO DIGA SI DIGA OUI, Objetos y Estructuras Parafuncionales, Alianza Francesa, Bogota, Colombia (2004).