Zio Ziegler

Zio Ziegler (b. 1988) studied at Brown University and the Rhode Island School of Design (RISD). According to the artist, the greatest paintings were not made under the pressure of the zeitgeist of his home country, but they spring from the void of the mind, which explains why his work so eclectic, almost as if it was the result of many different styles and languages. Even though his sources of inspirations are ever changing, his work is currently influenced by Eastern philosophy, French modernism, Egyptology, Xavier Veilhan, Auguste Rodin, Thomas Houseago, Eddy Martinez and Georges Braque. Ziegler’s work is a subconscious expression of how he understands the world; it catalyzes his self-exploration and at the same time provides a portal for viewers to get lost within. His imaginative paintings are meant to be a starting point through which the viewers can be transported, triggering individual memories and experiences while challenging a deeper exploration of the psyche.